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  • Kris Whittington

Kids Overcoming Mental Health Obstacles with the help of Martial Arts

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

See why Parents are turning to OC Martial Arts to help kids cope with the pandemic.

Taekwondo teaches core values that instill a positive mindset and the perseverance to overcome adversity. We teach important life skills that help kids deal with pandemic related stress and improve their mental and physical well being.

We want to provide kids with a positive mindset and the ability to overcome obstacles in life big or small.

“But what if the obstacle is a global pandemic? Experts say activities like karate are exactly what kids need right now.

"First of all, [I like to] say that I think things like karate and other things that you can do that are structured exercises that are good for the body and mind are fantastic," said Dr. Carl Weems, chair of the Human Development & Family Studies department at Iowa State University.”

Though, Weems is yet unsure of the long-term effects of the pandemic and social isolation on children he does claim, "We could see some long-lasting outcomes for kids in terms of their social development if this is hitting some critical periods where they would be normally getting to interact with their peers and learn emotional control, emotional regulation in those difficult social situations, in those conflict situations,"

This is precisely why parents are turning to Martial Arts.

Are you ready for your kid to gain their spark back and a sense of normalcy?

Your child will be taught by our certified Black Belt instructors. All precautions are taken to ensure that your child has a sterilized environment, and firm yet positive encouragement.

Call now to schedule your first private intro class with a Black Belt Instructor, limited in person capacity. Mention this blog post when you call and get 2 weeks FREE!

(714) 654-7558


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