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Etka 73 Hardlock Crack Fix




:967689 'root is in sudoers' darkelfjuggalo: And keep using it. darkelfjuggalo: Once you can handle the command line and use it properly and safely, it's hard to go back. jhutchins: i have no problem with a single user. but the server has lots of users with not-so-good permission settings wonderworld: Setting permissions by user-ID or by group is pretty easy. Gonna try to build from scratch the Alternate ISO of Ubuntu... jhutchins: i've never used it. wonderworld: The nice thing is that you don't have to go setting 777 wonderworld: I haven't used it either. It's just an 'admin' group, and the user you set it to is always admin. wonderworld: chown and chmod, root login is disabled, password requirements are tuned. darkelfjuggalo: Good luck! wonderworld: Ah, that's not quite what you want, I'm sure. jhutchins: i think i have to give u group access to create users. to add users, not to remove them wonderworld: Ah, it's probably not a simple chown. I think it's something like the xlogins package. i don't want to give access to add/remove users to the admin group wonderworld: Yeah, I know, that's what I'm saying. ok wonderworld: That's not for changing permissions on existing users, but rather for adding new ones. wonderworld: So a user with no password is ok, but a user with an encrypted password isn't? yes wonderworld: Sorry, I




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